Safety Driven COR awards 2015

Trucking Expo - COR

On May 13th 2016  Cold Logic received from SafetyDriven™ not one, but TWO Certificates of Recognition (COR) awards for 2015.


  • Large Employer Achievement of Excellence
  •  Best Overall

SafetyDriven™ is a Non-Profit organization that works towards improving occupational safety in the Trucking Industry. SafetyDriven™ Administer the Certificate of Recognition for Trucking and related sectors as defined by WorksafeBC.



So, what do a COR means to ColdLogic and our team?

The Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who implement and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that exceeds regulatory requirements. COR is earned by employers who successfully meet a set of audit standards. A display of COR within Cold Logic demonstrates to our teams a commitment to their health and safety. As a result, improving a site free of injuries and reducing incidents.


In the words of our Management team:

When I was attending the ceremony, I was expecting one award for “Large Employer Achievement of Excellence”, my surprise was when we were awarded the “Best Overall” achievement. I personally thank all our staff for the commitment of making this happen, this is truly an award for all of their efforts in keeping the company free of hazards and injuries.

For more information about the COR recognition, you can visit the WorkSafeBC information here.