Can You Hear It? • Our teams recognizes hearing risks

An estimated 30% of people aged 65+ and 14% of people aged 45-64 are said to have some sort of hearing loss in the United States and Canada. At ColdLogic we take these statistics and educate our staff in hearing loss prevention.

Hearing knowledge game
Teams compete to see who recognizes hearing risks most accurately

Can you hear it?

Workers can suffer from hearing loss by being exposed to a single loud noise or by repeated exposure to a consistent noise.

Being exposed to a noise louder than 85 decibels (dBA) (about the equivalent of sustained traffic noise) during an average eight-hour day can permanently damage hearing. Higher levels of noise can cause permanent damage in shorter periods of time.

A simple way to test whether noise levels could be hazardous is to talk to someone standing at arm’s length from you. If you must raise your voice for that person to hear you, the noise is likely too loud.

What you need to know to prevent your hearing to be lost

If you are slowly losing your hearing because of industrial noise, you may not know it. Hearing loss caused by noise occurs gradually, so by the time you notice the loss, it’s too late. Prevention is the best cure.

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