Announcing the launch of our Employee Engagement Portal

My ColdLogic portal in a Laptop

At ColdLogic we get closer to our employees listening to what they have to say at every moment.

On the first day of April, we are pleased to announce the launch of My ColdLogic our Employee Engagement Portal. This is just one more way to remember why “we are not your average warehouse“. With this launch, we are sparking internal employee communication.

Mobile Phone My ColdLogic Portal


At My ColdLogic portal, our staff can now:

    • Ask direct questions to their managers.
    • Securely report a safety concern.
    • Submit a suggestion that helps the company be a better place to work.
    • Request personal time.

All of this from the staff’s comfort of their preferred device. Using My ColdLogic all staff can get one step closer to their managers.

“This portal was created in collaboration with employees at all levels of the company, it was made by them for them”

– Tad Savage, Surrey Operations Manager

If you are part of the coolest warehouse to work in Canada, you can safely start using My ColdLogic now!. Simply register your password at the internal portal (ask your supervisor for directions). Then, go to and log in with your employee id and password. You will notice that your information is already there.

My ColdLogic’s idea started about a year ago, and after interviewing several staff members and gathering ideas. The collaboration of both Typow Media and ColdLogic’s own internal IT staff started to build it, and fine tune it to deliver it today. But we don’t stop there..

Have an idea to improve this portal?

Once logged in, simply scroll to the bottom of the portal and submit your idea via the “Give us your feedback” option. We will gather all ideas and improve the My Coldlogic portal for you.



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